PAN Card Price – Amount to be paid for New PAN Card

New PAN Card Cost – Actual Price

Are you planning to get the PAN card through any agent? I am quite sure that they are going to charge more than the actual cost. Have you ever wondered, what is the actual price? Certainly the actual price is much lower than the 3rd parties charge from you. They keep the remaining amount as service charge.Everyone is connected to internet these days and applying for a New PAN is possible within a few clicks.  Later in the Post, you will find out the actual price and modes to make the payment for PAN card…. [Read More]

Benefits of PAN Card – Why Should you Get it ?

 Importance of PAN Card –  Why is PAN Card Needed

Permanent Account Number(PAN) is more than an ID proof only. PAN is a 10 digits unique identifier. The income Tax department has the responsibility of issuing the PAN card under the CBDT’s supervision. Most of the people will be unaware of the fact that the PAN card is also issued to foreigners on Valid Visa. Therefore it must be noted that PAN doesn’t serve as the proof of Nationality. The PAN remains unaffected with the change in the address. When issued to person,it remains same throughout the life time. It also plays an important role in providing the transparency in transactions between seller and buyer. If you haven’t applied for the PAN card yet, check how to apply for new PAN.  In this post i have listed the various advantages of PAN card…. [Read More]

How to Apply for Duplicate PAN Card

Apply for Duplicate PAN Card – Online Application  

If your PAN card is damaged or you have lost it, you can apply for a duplicate PAN. The process is actually quite similar to making correction in PAN card as in that case also the applicant is delivered the duplicate one with required changes. The online application for reissuance of PAN card and making changes is same. The only difference is that the applicant should not select any box in the left margin during filling the form while requesting for duplicate one. This process might seem confusing to you initially, but don’t worry in this post we have mentioned each and every step clearly…. [Read More]

PAN Card Customer Care – UTIITSL & NDSL

PAN Card Customer Care Services – UTIITSL & NDSL

If you are experiencing issues with the PAN card and don’t know what to do, you must contact the customer care. Contacting them can be difficult sometimes, isn’t it? Actually this is not the case, people sometimes get so much confused with various numbers and email ids that they couldn’t find out which is the original one. This post will provide all details related to the actual contact number and email id’s of the customer care of the online providers like UTIITSL & NDSL…. [Read More]

Make Corrections in PAN Card – Changes in PAN Data

Update PAN Information – Make Changes in PAN Card Details

It is always advised to double check the PAN Data while applying for new PAN card. In case, you have filled any wrong information accidently, no need to worry. You can make corrections in PAN too. In this post, i will explain the step by step procedure to make changes to the PAN data. There are different procedures to make changes to the existing PAN information for NSDL and UTIITSL…. [Read More]

How to Apply for New PAN Card Online

PAN Card Online Application | How to Apply Online for New PAN Card

If you are thinking to apply for PAN card, you must do it yourself by applying online. You might not be knowing that the agents via whom people normally apply for PAN, charge more than 50% extra than the actual rate. So, it is wise step to do this yourself rather than giving extra amount to the agents. The procedure is quite simple. In this post i will clearly explain each and every step that you need to perform to successfully apply for your New Pan card online…. [Read More]